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QCBA: The Hardest Hitting Horns


Quentin Collins (QC) and Brandon Allen (BA), the hardest hitting trumpet/sax frontline in the business, are ready for their next release, Beauty in Quiet Places, on the Ubuntu Music record label.


The follow up to their highly acclaimed debut album, What's It Gonna Be?, released in 2011 Beauty in Quiet Places consists of all original compositions, written by the pair, with styles ranging from the up-tempo swing of Modal Tranesition (Allen's homage to two of his biggest influences, John Coltrane and Joe Henderson) to the laid back pocket groove of the title track. The opening track, Fuerteventura, takes you on a samba-infused roller coaster ride whilst Oscar's Lullaby showcases the group's softer, more reflective side. 


Completing the lineup on Beauty in Quiet Places are QCBA's regular rhythm team of the masterful Ross Stanley on Hammond organ and the elegant musicianship of Enzo Zirilli on drums.


Since their inception in 2008, QCBA have collaborated with a broad range of artists, including Omar, Paloma Faith, Liane Carroll, Hamish Stuart, Natalie Williams, Gwyneth Herbert, Dennis Rollins and Cleveland Watkiss. This has enabled them to develop the eclectic sound that is so evident in this recording, bringing together a melting pot of Jazz, Brazilian and Funk, always soulful and, crucially, always swinging!


Currently, QCBA are the front line for the Kyle Eastwood band, further allowing them to hone the strong sound of unity which they are renowned for on some of the jazz world's biggest stages. 


QCBA will host a special show to celebrate the launch of Beauty in Quiet Places at Brilliant Corners in Dalston, London, on 22nd September. QCBA are planning to embark on a major tour during autumn and winter 2015-16 throughout the UK & Europe.


QCBA’s Beauty in Quiet Places is scheduled for release on 25th September and will be available in physical and digital formats throughout the world.

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Sax Trumpet - High Res.jpg

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Beauty in Quiet places


The latest release from the hardest hitting trumpet/sax frontline jazz masters in the business. Consisting of all original compositions, written by Collins & Allen, with styles ranging from the up-tempo swing to laid back pocket groove. The album also takes you from a samba-infused roller coaster ride all the way to a softer, more reflective side.